Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mini Project 3

Kinetic Text

(watch full screen for better quality!)


Mrs. Lacy said a kinetic text about HOMAGO would be very interesting, so I decided to go with it. This literally took me forever! I worked on this slide show for about thirteen hours. I had to make sure everything transitioned right. After that, it took me foreverrr to find a website to upload the presentation that will also present the effects and transitions. But, I am glad that it turned out the way I wanted it to. The video moved smoothly. There was no lag and everything went the way it should have. After talking about what HOMAGO was and how it can be applied to a "real" life experience, I decided to compare what we all think HOMAGO is and what Mimi Ito's researchers believe it is. I asked for my brother for his inputs on Peer Based Learning, Networked Publics, and Genres of Participation. After that, I went back and read HOMAGO with great focus. I found that there were two different kinds of description for each of the concepts, friendship and interest. As you can see, what we see and what the researchers see are both different. But they are similar in some ways. I made sure to color code and add effects to the same stuff. I did not want the thing to be all over the place. 


  1. Well done! The kinetic text came out really good and informative. I like how in some slides you divided peer based learning into friendship and interest driven. Good job!

  2. This is nuts man. Your hard work definitely payed off. Your depiction of HOMAGO is explained really well through your kinetic literature. I also did my mini project on interest driven learning and HOMAGO, but I think yours does a much better job describing it.

  3. The kinetic text it awesome! I was going to do that for this mini project, but honestly don't even know how to use power point that well. I loved seeing the different sides to peer based learnings, and what your peers can make you do. I also liked seeing all the different transitions. I think it was really good and I can't believe you spent that much time on it!