Monday, April 8, 2013

Mini Project 2



The hardest part about this project was the dialogue. I wanted everyone to know what was going on and what was involved, and yet, not have too much talking to where it gets boring. At first, it was only one video. Randy told me it was a little too short after I showed it to him and I decided to make it a little longer. I put more into Snowman's problem and came out with what was posted. I thought about what I should do and seeing how I basically explain what HOMAGO was with visuals, I decided to apply it to a situation that can be seen in a movie called "Rise of the Guardians". I like how it turned out but at the sometime don't. The website I used did not allow a lot of text in the bubble which limited the conversation. Other than that, I like it myself. It's short and simple.


  1. The comic really made me laugh. I like that you addressed that not al peer pressure is bad. Friends could pressure you into making really good decisions too. I wouldn't be involved in half the things I am if it weren't for my friends. I don't think it was too short or too long, and it wasn't boring.

  2. Okay that was hilarious! I made my husband watch this. It took me a minute to figure out the connection to peer based learning, but I totally got it by part 2... the mystery kind of made it even better.

  3. Very creative lol very funny too. I like the way you made the connection to peer based learning. Cant wait to see your next project!

  4. Love this and your creativity!!! Very funny ! Great way to make the connection and break it down to very simple understanding lol and through comedy.