Sunday, March 24, 2013

Meeting with Forestview

It was great speaking with the students from Forestview High. Even though they were only one year younger than us, it felt nostalgic talking about the days we were in high school. It was fun describing how scary it is before you start college. I kind of felt intimidated knowing that they were doing the same stuff we were doing in college. It was like we were doing high school work instead college work. 

I like the group work the most! It was fun learning about the other's thought about college readiness. What I like most was that they all participated. Most students would not want to participate. They rather sit around and feel all awkward. I wouldn't mind working with these students again.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

All about Mimi Ito...

For the second half of the semester, I chose to put all my focus onto Mimi Ito. We all know her from one of our previous readings from the first half of the semester, HOMAGO. Her ideas are quite interesting. She talked about how peer influence participation, public networks help other learn, and peers help one another learn. I applied them to some of my own experiences. I talked about her in my blogs and in my midterm paper.

I have been reading her book, Fandom Unbound, and it is very interesting. Granted, the beginning was very boringgg. I could not get through the first 50 pages without nodding off. Sadly, it took me forever to get through even 100 pages. She talks about learning throughout the beginning of the book which helped out a lot for the analysis. I don't know how the other 200 pages will be, but hopefully I will get through them alive.