Friday, January 25, 2013

Gaming in class?

When I was told to bring a game to class to play or let others play, I was kind of mind blown. Have you ever heard a teacher tell you that before? I had to replay the video a couple of times before I could believe what my homework was. I couldn't think of any games to bring to class that did not involve bringing a huge a** game system. But then I remember she said we can bring an "app" as well, so I played my favorite app, Pocket God. Pocket God is a game that allows you to control 6 to 8 islanders. You are their god, and you can do whatever you want to them. You can make 'em sleep, eat, drown, etc.

This game follows a couple of Gee's Ideas. You assume a new identity, "God". Nothing really happens until you do something, interaction. If an islander dies, he can be revive, so player can take risks whenever they want. Players can customize the game; there are customization packs available for players to change the setting however they want. The game have these side missions the revolves around different episodes or updates. These missions are quite challenging if you do not understand the riddles given.

Pocket God has access to the internet, so people can compete against one another in one of the game's mini game. They can learn techniques from one another or go on forums for help. This is a good peer based learning. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

so the hungry!

Rather than working on my day-book in class during the workshop, I decided to work on it at home. I got out of work and had nothing to do at home. I work at a Japanese restaurant, so I reeked of  fried rice and eggroll. Every Sunday night, I go out to eat with my family since we don't eat together on weeknights.  Because of those two factors, I was starvinggg!! >_<

I get home from work at 5 o'clock, and we don't go out to eat until 8 o'clock. Since I had nothing else to do, I grabbed some magazines and started cutting. Since I had 2ish hours to work on it, I made sure to do a good job on it...well my definition of a good job is that it ain't crappy looking. By the time I finish the front cover, I didn't realize what I had done. There was nothing but food all over!

Seeing how I duct taped half the cover already, I added the word "delicious" to top it off. I then got out one of my old drawings, cut out a background and slapped 'em on the back cover. I have to say, the character's expression goes well with the theme.

I'm quite satisfied with my day-book. Had a fun time working on it!