Friday, February 1, 2013

Cloud of words

I really enjoy working on Wednesday's homework. The reading part not so much, but the word cloud was fun. I really love how the words shape out the design you pick. They offer so many options. It was a bit hard to pick which one I wanted to print out.

I went with the cloud because it was in the name! Buttt I will be messing around with the website now, seeing how much fun it is to mess with the words. The one I like the most is the star, look so the nice!


  1. I enjoyed playing around with word cloud. Your final product came out really good.

  2. I loved the word cloud. I made mine a hand. I didn't mind the reading that much, I thought it was pretty interesting

  3. I really like the different ways we are being taught to learn in class. It has really influenced my thought and learning processes.