Friday, February 15, 2013

Anime Life

Otaku - japanese term that refer to people who are obsessed with anime and manga

I've been taught that being an Otaku was a bad thing. Even my best friend told me to never become one. They are viewed as creepy by many, even I find them creepy.When I think of an Otaku, I think of a guy who stays in his room all day doing everything that can be related to manga/anime such as cosplaying and sleeping with a human pillow.

On one of my blog responses, I replied to Mimi Ito's post on her new book, "Fandom Unbound". I thought her thoughts about the Otaku World were interesting. She discussed about their impact in culture. I didn't really think about how they can have a positive influence on the world. One of our assignments for class is to choose a novel to read for the semester, I didn't think about this book, since it wasn't really a novel. However, Prof. Lacy suggested that I read the book. I guess I'll be spending the rest of my semester learning about the ways of an Otaku.


  1. Your blogs are very interesting! I learn something new every week concerning the Japanese culture!

  2. Wow I never knew there was a term for the people who were obsessed with anime. I've personally seen otaku, one person actually colored their hair so she could look like an anime character. Thank you for informing me about this culture that I did not understand before, now I am more culturally diverse.

  3. I didn't know that was a term you use either! I think that it's cool you are into anime! I mean I'm not really into it, but everyone has their own interests. I hope you really like the book, it looks interesting. I feel like you will like it and maybe even be interested in more books like this.