Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ignite Talk

Slide 1 Ask audience about what they think when it comes to peer pressure

Slide 2 Talk about how the media relates peer pressure to smoke and drinking

Slide 3 So much pressure from parents to resist peer pressure that they eventually fall into peer pressure

Slide 4 Not all peer pressure is bad

Slide 5 Introduce mimi ito's homago

Slide 6 introduce the three concepts

Slide 7 talk about this category for a brief moment

Slide 8 introduce the second and main category

Slide 9 friendship

Slide 10 talk about how friends influence new friends

Slide 11 Affiliation

Slide 12 talk about how friends influence affiliation

Slide 13 Romance

Slide 14 talk about how friends can influence romance

Slide 15 Talk about myself in high school not having a girlfriend

Slide 16 Talk about my best friend and his peer pressure

Slide 17 Bought a present within two days which I normally would not do for a stranger like her

Slide 18 Talk about why i went to the christmas party

Slide 19 talk how genre of participation is good

Slide 20 Peer pressure will always be present, whether we notice it or not, and will we follow it on our own free will?

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