Thursday, January 17, 2013

so the hungry!

Rather than working on my day-book in class during the workshop, I decided to work on it at home. I got out of work and had nothing to do at home. I work at a Japanese restaurant, so I reeked of  fried rice and eggroll. Every Sunday night, I go out to eat with my family since we don't eat together on weeknights.  Because of those two factors, I was starvinggg!! >_<

I get home from work at 5 o'clock, and we don't go out to eat until 8 o'clock. Since I had nothing else to do, I grabbed some magazines and started cutting. Since I had 2ish hours to work on it, I made sure to do a good job on it...well my definition of a good job is that it ain't crappy looking. By the time I finish the front cover, I didn't realize what I had done. There was nothing but food all over!

Seeing how I duct taped half the cover already, I added the word "delicious" to top it off. I then got out one of my old drawings, cut out a background and slapped 'em on the back cover. I have to say, the character's expression goes well with the theme.

I'm quite satisfied with my day-book. Had a fun time working on it!


  1. I like how you decorated your whole day book with food. I bet you every time you look at your daybook in class, you'll start getting hungry because I know that i would. You're also very artistic.

  2. Well looks like I'll never be looking at your day book because it will make me hungry! But I loved decorating mine too!! I love how you used food as the theme for the book. It looks really good!